squareball is a general-purpose library for C99.

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squareball is simple...

squareball was initially developed as a helper library for blogc, that was extracted afterwards, to allow it to be reused in other projects. blogc is simple, so squareball is simple as well. :)

squareball is portable...

squareball is often tested on Linux, and OSX, but the code should work on any POSIX-compliant operating system and Windows. Patches for portability are always welcome and have high priority. Some features may not be available for Windows, please check the documentation.

squareball is powerful...

The routines implemented are simple, but yet optimized for the specific use cases described in the documentation.

squareball is incomplete...

Some implementations are incomplete, missing some functions that may be required for some use case. The first versions are strictly based on the code extracted from blogc, then only the functionality needed by blogc was implemented in most of the cases.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why not just use something like GLib?

GLib was released under the LGPL, we wanted our code to be released under the BSD 3 clause license. Also, implementing these algorithms is a fun exercise. :)

What the name "squareball" means?

squareball library name is a tribute to Quico, that was Carlos Villagrán's character in the Mexican television sitcom El Chavo del Ocho. Unfortunately Quico never got his promised square ball. :-(